Squanchyland July 22 2020

Sunday 6:xx – 7:30 22/7/2020

OPM (DJ name of the Day)

Thank you to everyone who was there for my set as we couldn’t have done it without you. I recorded a majority of my set and you can find the set list and high quality download below:

  1. Freedom Fighters/Ivort – Creatures from the Lost World (Jordan Suckley/Sam Jones Remix)
  2. Breger – Books of Conflict (Brojanowski Remix)
  3. Ticon/MVMB – Something Sleeps Inside Us
  4. Orca/Deliriant – The Invigilator
  5. Double Helix – Okonomi Times
  6. Materia/Mirok – True Level
  7. Tristan/Pogo – Sacramental
  8. Alpha Portal – Creatures
  9. Neelix – Mosquito
  10. Modus – Sonder
  11. Waveform – Real Lies
  12. Circuit Breakers – Freaky
  13. Perfect Stranger/Sphera – B U

Genres: Progressive dark psy, psy tech-trance, progressive psytrance, progressive trance

Safer Places to Park Your Bicycle Overnight in Vancouver

Bike theft is a huge issue in Vancouver. If they don’t get away with your entire bike, you’ll lose wheels, lights, or a saddle.

I recommend a U-lock (D-lock) from a reputable brand such as the ABUS 410 rather than a CCM U-lock from Canadian Tire.

1. Indoor Secure Bicycle Parkades:

With a Compass Card you’re able to register it to access Translink’s new bicycle parkades.

They charge a maximum of $1/day for entry. A day begins at 00:00 hours.

My favourite is the one at Main-St Science World.

Outdoors Downtown Vancouver:

If you’re in Downtown Vancouver, the best place to park it would be by the Nightbus District beside Vancouver City Centre Station on Granville St and Georgia

If someone really wants to steal your bike, a lock will only slow them down. It’s only a bike after all.